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Client Feedback

Donnie and all those who handle the MI Homes account for Texas, I want to say thank you. MI Texas is on the cusp of a break out year in 2017 and a lot of it has to do with the efforts of you (GMD). All four Texas divisions and Darvin and myself prefer GMD to be our go to outsource for CAD work. Over the last few years you have embraced the new regional standards and have really become an integral part of our success here in Texas. I know not all of you are in the same office, but that is even more impressive with the results that we receive as a client.


Kevin Procaccino (MI Homes), Texas Region Architect
GMD Design Group of Georgia has always been a team I can rely on. They have an amazing abilty to consistently perform beyond my expectations, both timeliness of delivery and quality of the product delivered is aways great. I will be using the team for projects in the future.
Elicia E. Trujillo (Beazer Homes), Architectural Product Manager
We have had the pleasure of working with Donnie McGrath of GMD Design Group for several years. He delivers the best builder friendly design a customer could expect because he includes sales, purchasing, builders, suppliers and contractors in the process. We have had only minor changes in our frame walks which the project manager attributes to the "best detailed construction plans he has even worked with.
Chuck Fuhr (Ryland Homes), Division President
With GMD Design Group taking over our plan development, we have seen an incredible improvement in our value engineering process. Our plans are designed to meet our construction budget and most importantly, they are designed to meet or exceed the target markets expectations. We perform a frame walk on each new plan that is designed. These walks are now done with great results. We have no major structural changes occurring and with our sales force attending, GMD is able to give them all the tools they need to highlight the homes features during a showing.
Brian Milbrett (Core Homebuilders, Atlanta, GA), Operations Manager